Hi there, I’m Mikkel.
I make great, appealing
and simple experiences.

I’m a digital designer, currently living in the part of Copenhagen called “Sydhavnen”. That is “South Harbour”, for you english speaking people. I’m super curious about new technology. At the samt time, I’m curious how to use it to optimize my workflow. I’m not new to agile methodology, as I’m a part of such an environment on a daily basis. Bonus info, I’m a certified Scrum Master. It helps me understanding what the heck is going on. You can reach out on LinkedIn, Twitter or Dribbble. You could also just write me an email.

Oh, I love playing FIFA too.

I usually interact with User Interfaces + User Experience, Branding and Illustrations. I know that I introduced myself as a digital designer, but I actually enjoy doing print design as well. I believe it might be my subconsciousness, telling me to get my rather artistic and experimental side out, through print. I may never know. Philosophic, right?

Pssst. If you managed to get this far, I’ve done a little something for you. Below these last words, there is a shortcut to view my work.

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