My name is Mikkel Borg Svendsen,
and I create experiences for human beings. Currently working at Linkfire, as a designer.

I like bad jokes, autumn, sneakers, football, sarcasm, gifs, movies and video games.
I do not like snot, feet, wasted time, nor temperatures higher than 23˚C.

I enjoy working in a flexible, non-formal environment, with a reasonable amount of responsibility, as I tend to get shit done, when I’m under a bit of pressure.

I enjoy being able to take a break — perhaps going outdoors for a moment — instead of trying to force myself into being creative.

I believe that this kind of environment, emerges from a foundation of trust, which in my opinion, is best earned by being sincere and showing that one actually cares.

If you find yourself wanting more,
then today is your lucky day.
Below my social profiles, you'll
find more about me — in gifs.


More me, more gifs

I love football. Manchester United is my team. #GGMU all the way.

I'm into sneakers, and I pull off a decent sneaker game, if I have to say so myself.

9 out of 10 times, I prefer a binge watch night at home, over going out.

I don't drink. Well, I do drink water and other soft beverages — but not alcohol.